Cup Of Joey: Winter Wonderblend

Cup Of Joey: Winter Wonderblend

Winter Wonderblend

Welp, spOoOoOoOoky season is officially over, and if you’ve gone to the grocery store any time the past few weeks, judging by the Thanksgiving and Christmas displays that just couldn’t wait until Halloween ended, we all know that it is now time for the holidays. 

Here at DW, this is big news! What it means is the return of our seasonal classic:

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Winter Wonderblend *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Since we only offer this blend for a few months out of the year, not only is its return like seeing an old buddy again, but it's also an opportunity for your favorite roastery crew (that’s us, Dapper & Wise, right?) to revisit it and see if we can make it tastier than last year. 

We’ve previously had this blend in our robust category, but we’re gonna argue that the recipe we landed on this time around moves it on over to our comforting category. Just like last year, Winter Wonderblend will be serving up some of that roasty, bittersweet goodness (let us thank our Stag Espresso Blend for its contribution) balanced and lightened up a bit with a berry sweet natural processed Ethiopian coffee. The difference this year is that we sprinkled in a lil bit more of that Ethiopian coffee to compliment all the sweet treats we will soon be eating during the holidays. Another difference this year is that this blend is also available as an instant coffee!

Happy holiday season from your friends in the DW roastery :)

Until next time,

-Joey Dolin, Roastery Manager

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