Cup Of Joey: Triple Threat

Cup Of Joey: Triple Threat

Every coffee, everywhere, all at once

Big month here at the D-dub roastery with a handful of new (and returning) coffees comin’ right atcha. 

First three new yum-yums will be available to the masses beginning Tuesday 11/15, and they’re gonna be a crew of African goodies:  ✧ two Ethiopian coffees and a Kenyan coffee ✧ So, I guess not 'every coffee', but instead, three African coffees.

These Ethiopian coffees are some returning classics for us, and we are always stoked to have them back. Natural Ethiopia Dur Feres is a community lot from the Keffa region of SW Ethiopia. A textbook natural process Ethiopian flavor profile that we can’t get enough of. (Berries!) Additionally, we’re bringing back another favorite - the washed process Ethiopia Shantawene. It may sound a little weird, but for me, my fave washed Ethiopian coffees have a lil note of black pepper, or peppercorn, in the cup. Mixed together with the other citric, berry and floral notes that this coffee serves up, and the result is a top notch coffee sipping experience.

Last up for now is a washed process Kenyan coffee that comes from the Igegania Cooperative in Kiambu County. In my (Joey’s) opinion, this is the most ‘Kenyan’ Kenyan coffee DW has had in years. And by this I am referring specifically to the flavor profile. Sweet, tart and ya, let’s be honest, a little savory. If you’ve been following the coffee memes lately (or is that just me?), then you know: Kenyan coffees can taste kinda like tomatoes. Whether it’s the coffee varieties, the soil, the processing method, or something else to thank for this fun flavor note, we won't deny its presence!

Maybe not the flavor you’re looking for in your go to morning cup, but i’ma argue that it's unique and fun, and a cool reminder of just how many different flavors we can experience in a cup of coffee. 

So, tl;dr we have coffees that taste like black pepper and tomato and we’d love for you to try them out!

Until next time,

-Joey Dolin, Roastery Manager

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