Cup Of Joey: Decaf Mexico San Cristobal

Cup Of Joey: Decaf Mexico San Cristobal

New Decaf Is Here!

Hey hey - it’s roastin Joe here! With some news of yet another new coffee for this spooky month of October. For those of you following along, we recently dropped the return of our classic fave: Guatemala Vizcaya. Now, with the launch of the Decaf Mexico San Cristobal, October has turned out to be a spoOoOoOoOoOky double feature!!

With hints of white chocolate, cashews and pears, this coffee fills the shoes, or should I say mug, of our ol’ reliable Decaf Colombia Amigos del Huila

Why does D&W love you decaf coffee drinkers so much? Well, for many (most?) of us, we love coffee for two big reasons: it wakes us up and gives us energy, motivation, and makes the weight of existence a little more pleasant ( ❤ Caffeine ❤ ). Additionally, coffee is a tasty beverage, the direct result of the hard work of farmers, who grow the plant and carefully transform it into a high quality green coffee bean, and of our roasting, where we turn that green bean into a brown bean.

But when it comes to decaf coffee, it’s all about that tasty flavor. Decaf drinkers are some of the true coffee connoisseurs out there who are in it for a delicious and comforting beverage, not for the magnificent and glorious and life-giving and magical and breathtaking and spectacular effects from caffeine that I’m obsessed with and cannot live without. Hats off to you decaf drinkers!

Until next time,

-Joey Dolin, Roastery Manager

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