Cup of Joey: Peru La Coipa

Cup of Joey: Peru La Coipa

✧・゚: * Peru La Coipa! *:・゚✧

Welcome to this week’s Coipa Joey, where you can read all about the newest addition to our coffee lineup:

A truly comforting coffee filled with what reminds us of milk chocolate, honey and red apple. You're looking at what just might be your next morning go-to. This particular coffee is pulped (fruity layers removed), fermented for 28 hours (this adds flavor as well as loosens up the cute lil sticky bits left on the bean), cleaned (bye cute lil sticky bits), and then dried on raised beds for 13 days (resulting in a shelf stable lil bean ready to travel across the ocean on a big boat filled with other commodities.)

Holding the door open for La Coipa is good ol’ Darabiel Osorio’s coffee, which happens to be on its way out of the building. You’re probably saying, “See you next year, Darabiel, and great to meet you La Coipa.” (So am I.)

We look forward to Darabiel’s return next year, but in the meantime, let’s spend some time and get to know this new Coipa coiffee.



Until next time,

-Joey Dolin, Roastery Manager

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