CUP OF JOEY - Kenya Rui Ruiru Grade C Natural

CUP OF JOEY - Kenya Rui Ruiru Grade C Natural

Kenya Rui Ruiru Grade C Natural

 If you’re a coffee lover, chances are there is a special place in your heart/coffee mug for Kenyan coffees. 

Beginning Wednesday June 15, we are stoked to share our first Kenyan coffee of 2022. We talkin’ bout none other than the Rui Ruiru Grade C Natural!

Starting its journey in Nyeri, Kenya, this coffee comes from over 200 farmers, delivered to the Rui Ruiru washing station, then across oceans all the way to our roastery in Hillsboro, OR. A journey made possible thanks to Jamii Coffee.

Jamii Coffee deserves all the shout outs for all the reasons. To start, this particular coffee is truly delicious. It checks all those boxes for us Kenyan coffee lovers out there, while introducing us to even more checked boxes we never knew existed. Additionally, and more importantly, Jamii is actively working to improve an opaque and often inequitable system in Kenya. We at the Ddub still have much to learn, but we do know that coffee passes through many hands before even leaving Kenya, and historically, the farmers themselves have taken on much of the risk and financial burden throughout the process (AKA not always a very fair system). Jamii challenges this system by offering an alternative avenue for farmers to sell their coffee. Jamii’s route offers farmers transparent and timely payment structures, and by covering the costs for milling, farmer’s do not have to shoulder so much risk!

Maintaining quality while supporting smallholder farmers is no small feat. We’re proud to be working with such a humble and well intentioned importer such as Jamii Coffee, and are just as proud to share this coffee with you <3


Until next time,

-Joey Dolin, Roastery Manager

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