10 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

10 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

June is officially here...

...and Dad’s Day is just around the corner. We asked Owner Tyler and Owner Evan to give us a little inspiration when it comes to gifts for Dad. Here’s their top 10 favorite gift ideas for Father’s Day! Plus, receive 10% off on all D&W featured items 😉


  1. Jack Henry Clay Pomade - All natural ingredients; it goes a very long way and smells like lavender.
  2. D&W Instant Coffee Packets - Great for traveling. Good coffee on the airplane is worth any cost!
  3. Natural Ice Chapstick by The Mentholatum Company - It’s a soothing and cooling lip balm without the additives that actually dry out your lips.
  4. D&W Hat - A comfy and classic go-to accessory in cream or all black.
  5. Men’s Nike React SFB Carbon Low - Lastly, these are my fav shoes right now. Comfy and functional!


  1. A pack of True Classic Tees - Comfortable, classic, and looks good on everybody.
  2. The new Ethiopia Washed Demeka Becha - It’s so perfectly balanced, sweet and lightly fruity/floral. Great cup to brew first thing in the morning!
  3. Cologne by Prada - Always a favorite of mine. 
  4. The Shadow and Bone Trilogy - My favorite fantasy novel series lately!
  5. D&W Diner Mug - For when you need a nice cup to hold life’s most precious commodity.


We hope this list helps inspire you with ways to celebrate all of the dads and dad-like figures in your life this year. From now until June 19th, enjoy 10% OFF all D&W Father’s Day products listed above.

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