Cup of Joey: Ethiopia Washed Hateso Dambi Uddo & Peru Yanacocha

Cup of Joey: Ethiopia Washed Hateso Dambi Uddo & Peru Yanacocha

Ethiopia Washed Hateso Dambi Uddo & Peru Yanacocha


Welp, say your goodbyes to Colombia Amigos del Huila for the year, and say *~ hello ~* to another delicious coffee that is making its big debut on the D-dub shelves (and maybe in your morning mug??)

I’m talkin’ ‘bout, none other than, Peru Yanacocha! We’ve partnered up with our friends at Red Fox Coffee Merchants to bring you this STANDOUT Peruvian coffee. While we’ve purchased other Peruvian coffees through Red Fox before, this is the first that we’ve purchased from the Puno region, which is located in SE Peru, bordering Lake Titicaca. Specifically, this coffee comes from the Sandia Valley, which is a li’l more on the remote side of things, and known for that high quality good-good. 

Because of this, Red Fox charges us a premium, which helps them continue to provide the necessary financing to these producers who can then continue to invest in quality if they want! We’re gonna nuzzle this coffee right into our ‘nuanced’ category, as it definitely represents that high quality reputation of the Puno region.


Change can be tough, but it can also be a good thing, ya? Anyway, more change: the time has come (for this year at least) to bid our farewells to our roast/interpretation/appreciation of the Washed Processed Ethiopia Demeka Becha. This coffee truly tastes better each year, and the roastery team is already looking forward to its return next year. 

In its place, we’ll be getting to know the Washed Processed Ethiopia Hateso Dambi Uddo, which comes straight from the Guji region of Ethiopia. I’ll be honest - we don’t know this coffee very well yet. It’s been a few months since we last tasted it (it tasted like sparkly red wine and bright fruits and flowers and also a lot like coffee), and it basically just arrived in our roastery last week (yay freight delays!) Join us as we welcome and get to know this bright and fruity Ethiopian coffee!



Until next time,

-Joey Dolin, Roastery Manager

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