Cup of J: Colombia Darabiel Osorio and Edilma Piedrahita

Cup of J: Colombia Darabiel Osorio and Edilma Piedrahita


Another month has come and gone over at Dapper & Wise, and we have some exciting Colombian coffees returning to our line-up! These are some coffee producers we have a long ongoing relationship with, and are super stoked to see again.

Bag of Edilma Piedrahita Coffee On a blanket

Cupping wonderfully on our table, first up we have the coffee from Edilma Piedrahita’s farm in the Nariño region of Colombia. This coffee has a complex pallet of sweet, tangy notes that we nailed down to something akin to red grape, lime candy, and green apple. Her and the Los Guácharos Association (of which she is the leader member) work together to secure agricultural support, research into flavor discovery (so that they can better determine the quality and overall worth of their product), and of course combining lots of coffee to meet export minimums (250 bags).

Bag of Colombia Coffee in front of Dog

Next up, with some of my favorite tasting notes of Dragonfruit, Rye Whiskey, and Jasmine Tea is another returning favorite - Colombia Darabiel Osorio! Darabiel does some really cool things to make their coffee taste so good, such as using natural bacteria and composted organic waste to lower the nitrogen levels of the soil coffee is grown in as well as fermenting their coffee in a low oxygen environment. If you’ve ever tried Anaerobic processed coffee, you will see that lowering or removing the oxygen during fermentation has a very interesting and complex effect on the flavor.

Two bags of coffee on a blanket

At Dapper, we feel it’s important to maintain relationships with producers since it’s super easy for competitive markets to completely gloss over smaller producers due to the unavoidable fact that it’s extremely difficult to produce a very consistent product, so by sticking with producers like Edilma and Darabiel year after year, we are able to ensure that we are part of a steady source of income for those folks, and while they are often stellar coffees on their own; it’s important for us to continue to support them even when they may not be the best tasting coffee on the table since they work just as hard to produce the coffee and we want to ensure that their efforts are made worth the time so that they can continue to develop their methods and research better and better ways to make coffee sustainable for our future generations!


-Jer, Head Roaster

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