Cold Brew At Home

Cold Brew At Home

Here’s our foolproof way to make the best at home cold brew. We hope you like it!

You will need:
Filtered water
Mason jar (32 oz.)
(Paper) towel
Rubber band
Mesh colander
Stirring utensil


1. Grind 125g of your fave coffee on a medium-coarse grind. For this recipe, we used Colombia Luz Dary Polo. Throw it in a mason jar, add 600g of room temp filtered water, and stir.

2. Cover your mason jar with a (paper) towel and a rubber band. Let sit for 18-20 hours.

3. Place a pre-wet (paper) towel over a mesh colander and bowl. Remove the mason jar covering and stir the grounds thoroughly.

4. Pour entire contents of mason jar (including saturated coffee grounds) into the colander/wet towel. 

5. Add about 4-6oz of filtered water to the mason jar to catch all remaining grounds. Pour into colander, smooth grounds, and allow the coffee to completely drain into the bowl.

6. Once drained, remove grounds and toss into the compost. Pour the cold brew concentrate back into the mason jar and fill all the way up to the top with filtered water.

7. Serve in separate glasses over ice. The remaining cold brew can be stored in the fridge and enjoyed for up to 7 days. Cheers!

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