Aeropress Tutorial

Aeropress Tutorial

How to brew an Aeropress:

Water poured into AeropressWhether you’re an avid traveler or a convenience queen, we’ve got you covered with an easy brew method: the AeroPress. From bean to cup in just 2 minutes!

Check out this video our team put together on how to brew a deliciously quick morning coffee. Don’t have an AeroPress or any yummy beans? Everything you need to brew a perfect cup can be found under the shop tab of this very website.




How to brew an AeroPress:

  1. Measure out one scoop of coffee aka 18g
  2. Grind beans to medium-fine
  3. Place filter, assemble AeroPress, and pour in coffee grounds
  4. Fill AeroPress with hot water (~200g) up to the top, leaving a finger width at the top
  5. Stir, set plunger on top, and set timer for 2 minutes
  6. When timer goes off, use steady pressure to plunge AeroPress until you hear that *~tsSsSss~*
  7. Enjoy!

Everything you need to brew a perfect AeroPress can be found at Cheers! ✨

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