Ethiopia Washed Wush Wush Ginbo / Guatemala Benjamin Lopez

Ethiopia Washed Wush Wush Ginbo / Guatemala Benjamin Lopez

Ethiopia Washed Wush Wush Ginbo / Guatemala Benjamin Lopez

January has come and gone, gosh wasn’t that fast? It seems like every year goes by faster, with everything blurring around us,  whizzing by; leaving us to spectate, gawking at the wonder of ‘just where did the time go?’ But we’re here together, reader, and I have something important to share with you…

Can you guess? That’s right, we have new coffee! Ethiopia Washed Wush Wush Ginbo, if that name sounds familiar, you’d be right! This is from the same farm as our previous launch, the Natural Wush Wush Ginbo from Keffa, Ethiopia, and it brings some wonderful fruity notes, though a bit more mild and tea-like than something naturally processed. Washed process coffee, as you may know, is when the producers run coffee cherries through a de-pulper to remove the mucilage (or fruit flesh) and then the coffee is pushed through a mechanical washing station, essentially a rough-floored basin with water running over it. This cleans the rest of the fruit off of the coffee seed (or bean) which is then left to dry on raised and shaded beds. 

Additionally, we are seeing the return of one of our old friends from Guatemala, a lot from Benjamin Lopez! With warm notes of chocolate, cola nut, and plum, this coffee fits right at home in our comforting category. Just in time for you to cuddle up and watch the last of the chilly winter days go by your window. This coffee is also a washed processing method, so you can expect a nice clean cup with cozy, clear flavors without being overpowering! 

Speaking of overpowering, it can be easy to fall into cyclical habits that make time feel like it's flying by. So break up your routine! Experience something new, go for a walk somewhere you haven’t been, pick up a new hobby, try a new coffee. Be adventurous!


Until next time,

-Jer Packard, Roastery Manager

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