Signature Bags for the Furloughed Employee Fund

Signature Bags for the Furloughed Employee Fund

Coffee Meets Abstract Art.

These one-of-a-kind coffee bags are hand-painted by Dapper and Wise Roasters’ co-owner, Tyler Geel (Instagram: @tylergeel_abstract). In this Coronavirus season where everyone is using their giftings and talents to help their neighbors, co-workers and communities, Tyler chose to use his unique abstract painting point of view and a few coffee bags to raise money for a Furloughed Employee Fund.

All the proceeds go to assisting the employees that Tyler and his business partner, Evan, had to furlough during COVID-19. The fund will be distributed to those workers currently unemployed to help cover basic needs, groceries and rent. Select “Signature Bag” when ordering a 12oz bag of beans and your coffee will be delivered to you IN a piece of art.


“While I usually paint on large canvases, I wanted to use my artistic hand to help fund raise for our employees. These uncommon coffee bags are hand-painted individually so no two are alike. Yes, this is unusual and in these unprecedented times we’re all thinking outside the box to keep businesses afloat, but also to help each other. All the proceeds from the purchases of these Signature Bags of coffee are going into our Furloughed Employees Fund to aid in covering basic needs for our employees who have been laid off due to the COVID-19 crisis. While you’re enjoying your freshly roasted coffee and hopefully inspired by some art, you can feel good, too, knowing that you’re helping service industry workers endure the economic downturn.”

– Tyler, Artist and Co-owner of Dapper and Wise Roasters

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