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Roasting coffee with style; imparted with wisdom.

The suburbs are a hard place to live for the avid coffee enthusiast. Dapper & Wise offers a creative, craftsman perspective on suburban coffee, located just on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. We tirelessly pay attention to every detail from green to cup, striving to offer the best quality coffee, artisan-roasted in small batches. In our brick and mortar store we invite the palates of suburban-folk and city-dwellers alike, to be educated in high-class coffee.

Some handsomely roasted beans

Our Coffee

Quality in the cup and quality of life for coffee farmers.

All of our coffees are held to stringent standards with every coffee we roast being unanimously approved by our Roastmaster and staff. From the high-end bright and floral single origins to the dark and caramely Italian blends, we look to strike a balance in our roasts—pleasing both coffee connoisseurs and the general public. In addition to producing great flavor, we also have responsibility to protect the participating coffee farmers that we partner with. We only work with farms that we know are being paid above fair-trade minimums for the labor put into the product. We are also working to build long-lasting relationships with these farms to ensure a growing partnership that will give our customers the best while taking care of farmers and their employees.

A sublime Chemex brew

Our Craft

Obsessing about the tiny details of roasting, constantly perfecting our methods to produce a wide bouquet of sophisticated flavors.

Portland, Oregon is one of the most astute coffee-drinking cities in the country, drawing people with a love of fine coffee. In the city you will find many shops that exclusively feature lightly-roasted single-origin coffees. In the suburbs, many people have been accustomed to roasts so dark that any imperfections in the beans are hidden. With this in mind, we start with great coffee beans which allow us to accentuate the unique flavors of each bean regardless of the roast level.

All our coffees are roasted on a Diedrich 12 kilo drum roaster in a small-batch artisan fashion. Our roasterie is committed to roast only coffees that are fresh, high-quality, and in-season.

A cupping in Beaverton


Enter our shop open-minded and leave with a wealth of coffee knowledge and experience.

Nestled in a bustling urban sprawl in the suburbs of Portland, we are bent on bringing craft coffee to the masses. With our tasting room, we are able to give a face to our roasterie. In Fall 2013 our tasting room will open to the public with three rotating espresso options and a fully-loaded manual brewing bar. We invite you to come and experience the science of artisan coffee, crafted to delight your senses.

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We partner with Square to bring our custom roasts to your door.

Use the link below to browse our shop and have our delicious blends delivered to your front door. Flat-rate shipping is fast and simple. Our roasts are updated constantly, so please check back regularly. If you want a surprise and a slight discount, select the "Roaster's Choice" and pull from our freshest roasts in surplus.

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Beaverton Location

2384 NW Amberbrook Drive
Beaverton, OR 97006

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3158 SE Division Street
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